The Secure, Easy To Use Telemedicine Solution

Doxy.Me is a telemedicine solution that helps healthcare professionals treat and diagnose their patients through text messages, audio, or videoconference. This free software helps to create management systems for your practice through the use of one application.

Is this the right choice for your business? In this article, we’ll be discussing Doxy in detail so you can decide if it’s the right option for your business needs.

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What Is Doxy? front page screenshot

Doxy is a telemedicine application. This means it provides the user with an online platform for face-to-face medical consultation, diagnosis, and treatment by professionals in the healthcare industry. It’s designed to work better than many of the other options available on the market at this time. 

On the backend, it also helps healthcare professionals create waiting rooms, track patient queues, and look through meeting history all within one dashboard. Plus, if you have employees, Doxy makes it easy to share rooms with co-workers or assign roles and permissions to each employee.

Pros & Cons Of Doxy

As with any product or service you’re considering getting, there are pros and cons associated with Doxy that every healthcare provider should be aware of before signing up. 


  • Free unlimited plan with all features enabled
  • Ability to collect payments
  • Easy to use for both providers and patients
  • Great backend tools to keep track of patient information


  • Only able to accept credit cards
  • Technical issues may occur which impacts the quality of video or audio
  • Customer service is challenging to contact
  • It doesn’t work well for groups larger than four people

Ease Of Use dashboard clinician view screenshot

Setting up with Doxy is easy. There are no long-term contracts to worry about, so you can cancel anytime you wish with just a few easy clicks. Plus, since it’s web-based, there is no need for additional equipment or tools to get started using the software.

While there may be a few learning curves with how to set up your profile or customize your waiting room, there are tons of resources available to help you through it as well as a community forum to answer any other questions you might have about the software.

Support and Customer Service

On paper, the support options look great with Doxy. There are tons of online resources, including the help center, which features more than 80 articles to help answer or guide you through any questions you might have. If you can’t find the answer there, the community forum is a network of people who already use the application that can help guide you through any other issue.

However, there are some issues you might need an actual customer service representative to help you with. In that case, there is a team of experts ready to answer your questions through the phone or live chat.

When it comes to reaching a real person, some issues may occur. 

First off, communication can be tricky since there is no phone number for customer service. This means you will need to submit your phone number and wait for a customer service representative to call you back. While some have had luck with only waiting twenty minutes for a call, it can take hours to receive a callback.

It’s important to note that you must have a paid plan to receive chat or phone support. If you have a free account, customer service can only be reached via e-mail or by using an automated bot to help you get the answers you need, but that doesn’t always provide the specific solution you’re searching for.


There are four different pricing packages available with the platform, ranging from a free plan to a completely customizable enterprise plan. The four options include:

  • Free: The best part of the Doxy program is the ability to stay on a free plan forever. With the free plan, you’ll receive unlimited video call minutes and sessions, meeting history, patient queue, waiting rooms, text chat, online help pages, e-mail support, secure data center, browser notifications, breach insurance, website badges, and marketing materials.
  • Professional: This $29 per month plan is recommended for individual providers. This plan includes everything that the Free program has plus HD video, audio calls, room passcode, e-mail, and text invites, edit waiting room, photo capture, group calls, text and e-mail notifications, file transfer, screen sharing, on-demand chat support, and the ability to take payments.
  • Clinic: The clinic plan is $49 per month per provider and is perfect for 2-50 providers. This plan includes all the benefits of the professional plan along with room access control, shared rooms, customized branding, personalized subdomain, admin controls, and the ability to have simultaneous calls at one time.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise plan is ideal for large organizations and is completely customized depending on your business needs. You’ll receive all benefits of the clinic plan plus an onboarding team, free support staff licenses, dedicated customer service manager, monthly usage report, group discounts, and security reviews.


When it comes to branding and customization, Doxy does a really great job of letting users have complete control over their website. For example, you can add a custom header image, change colors in the settings menu, update links throughout the site, and customize the waiting room for your patients.

Doxy makes it simple to add billing and personal information, invite patients to a session, create e-mails or text customization, send a calendar invite, and manage each patient with additional notes or comments. Overall, the application makes it easy to add your own personal touch to this practice management system.

Tools and Features

1. Patient Queue

The Patient Queue feature allows you to track who’s in the queue for a session. When patients enter your practice, they will be placed on a waitlist that you have complete control over. You can remove them from the list or move them up if someone cancels or does not show up for their session. This way, all of your patients can see where they are placed in line before their session begins and allows you as a practitioner to manage the order in which you see your patients.

2. Mobile Friendly

One of the best things about Doxy is its compatibility with mobile devices, which accommodates all smartphone and tablet users. In addition, the application features a responsive design that allows you to view the entire platform from your phone in real-time. This means that if you’re in a session with a patient or checking up on your schedule, everything is available to you when you need it most from your mobile device.

3. Personalized Waiting Room waiting room patient view screenshot

The waiting room can be customized to fit your business needs. For example, you can include a live chat box where patients will be able to speak with you while they wait, add messages or pictures that relate to your practice, and even add a clock showing the local time at your facility. You can even line up videos with information that you want your patients to view before visiting you, which can help educate your patients or add personalization to the patient’s visit.

4. Easy Meeting History Tracking

During each session, Doxy keeps an accurate record of every activity and action that takes place between you and your patient. With the customizable Meeting History feature, you can easily schedule a time to discuss past or upcoming appointments, edit notes from previous sessions, view all recorded data such as dates, times, and locations for future reference, manage previous services performed by the patient, and even request feedback. This helps to ensure that all the data you need access to is located in one place.

5. Live Chat Features

One of the most helpful features on Doxy is their live chat system, which helps you communicate with your patients in real-time. This feature also allows you to see who’s on your site at any given time. So, for example, when a patient has entered your waiting room, you can speak with them in real-time to answer their questions, let them know that you’ll be with them soon, or even set up another appointment.

6. HIPPA, GDPR & HITECH Compliant

With Doxy’s HIPAA, GDPR & HITECH compliance, you can rest easy knowing that all of your patient information is kept private and secure. The Doxy software goes through multiple security measures to ensure that you are compliant with privacy laws so your practice can remain safe from audits or investigations while protecting your patients.

Should You Use Doxy?

If you’re a healthcare professional that doesn’t currently have a practice management system, it would be a great idea to look into the Doxy application. Doxy will help you provide telecommunication services to your patients through text messages, video, and audio sessions. It’s a very easy-to-use website application, and it lets users personalize their settings for a unique look and feel. By utilizing the incredible features of this application, you’re able to provide a more convenient option to your current patients as well as reach new patients in different geographies.